4FRONT is a niche IT transformational solution provider, helping financial organisations rapidly implement new systems to drive cost, efficiency and data consolidation benefits, in addition to helping them prepare for regulatory and business change.


Aquila financial intelligence, banking product control and P&L reporting

The world leading financial control application. Aquila Banking Product Control is a complete modular, financial intelligence, control and P&L reporting framework that standardises, consolidates and secures data. Designed to perform within the rigours and regulatory systems of the financial sector and global finance applications, Aquila can help realise real costs savings.



A consultancy that provides powerful and innovative software for investment banks, hedge funds and financial institutions. In today’s rapidly evolving business environment the ability to respond to regulatory shifts and changing market pressures doesn’t just add competitive advantage- it’s essential for business survival.

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Aquila Business Intelligence

In a fast paced working environment Management information must be conveyed instantly on demand, with ease of use, and in a controlled manner. Aquila BI is a highly visual and instinctive BI reporting tool designed to address your unique business needs.