Design Philosophy

Our intuitive and interactive user interfaces reduce the time and effort your teams need to make an impact


Disparate Data

Ease Of Use

4FRONT understands the importance of transforming disparate data, making it available quickly and maximizing its ability to derive value for your business. Our intuitive and interactive user interfaces reduce the time and effort your teams need to make an impact.

Fast & Accurate

For over a decade we’ve been using Microsoft’s SQL Server platform as the backbone of our products. This relational database stores and maintains the integrity of your data whilst simultaneously providing a powerful multi-user and multi-tasking core. On top of this we layer our expertise in data extraction, transformation and loading. Our data warehouse technology then standardises your information to provide a reliable ‘golden source’ of data to drive your business processes.

Agile Project Methodology

We employ Agile software development methods based on iterative and incremental development. Our approach is guided by these key principles:

  • Rapid delivery of functional software.
  • The ability to adapt to changing requirements at all stages of development
  • Working software is delivered weekly
  • Close partnership with our clients
  • A commitment to technical excellence

Tried & Tested Methodology

4FRONT provides considerable cost savings to clients by combining high-performance technology with our unique knowledge of what really works best in a financial control environment. By putting techniques and technologies through multiple iterations products are refined to ensure maximum stability and ease of use. With an emphasis on Microsoft technologies to provide a reliable core to each system, 4FRONT can then focus their expertise on targeting your requirements.

Meta Driven

Metadata creates a logical self-describing framework to allow data to drive application features and functionality. The main benefits of working with a metadata driven development paradigm is a shorter implementation time, reduced development cost and the relevance of that business logic for multiple platforms and operating systems.


4FRONT doesn’t develop technology as “furniture looking for the right house.” Our approach is practical and considered. After professionally evaluating all aspects of a solution our team will be able to advise on the best system for your business.

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