FRTB – 3 years in the making, now time is of the essence.

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision must be implemented now.
It has not ended where everyone may have anticipated, which means the business imperative is to prioritise regulatory initiatives and minimise economic impact.

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The FRTB is vast in scope and must be completed by the end of 2019

It affects a wide array of complex but key issues, covering;

  • A revised standardised approach for price sensitive market risk.
  • New risk KRIs
  • New rules determining the scope of instruments eligible for inclusion in the trading book
  • The introduction of liquidity horizonsReplacement of the incremental risk charge with an incremental default risk model
  • Expanded public disclosures on market risk capital charges
  • Back-testing requirements of internal models at trading desk level.

The clock is ticking and the depth and complexities and the impact on business are yet to be understood but, help is at hand. 4Front can deliver seamless IT implementation for your FRTB requirements, specifically focusing upon:

  • scoping requirements and objectives;
  • Prioritising and working with challenging time-frames;
  • Consolidating, connecting and simplifying IT architecture
  • Adopting new methodologies and processes,
  • Creating an environment to handle change, iteration and continuous improvements

With over a decade of experience applying IT tools that deliver to the requirements of regulatory needs, whether it is architecture, modelling, prototyping, developing small tactical solutions through to global strategic big data solutions; 4Front have the agile team ready to help.

4Front has a reputation for delivering exceptional value for money and has an IT intellectual property that is leading the field.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you with the immense challenges you are facing with the FRTB.

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