Aquila MI reporting

aquila mi is a highly visual and instinctive management information reporting tool designed to address your unique business needs

Aquila MI Reporting

In a fast paced working environment Management information must be conveyed instantly on demand, with ease of use, and in a controlled manner. Aquila MIS is a highly visual and instinctive MI reporting tool designed to address your unique business needs. Ideal for every level of business activity, with Aquila MIS all users can interrogate and visualise secure reports for different target audiences.

Automate The MI Reporting Process

  • Aquila is flexible enough to fulfil the executive reporting requirements of power users without enforcing them to create new off-line processes. This significantly reduces the dangers of ‘key person risks’ as well as human error.
  • Aquila supports due-diligence checkpoints, as well as providing the tools to support, manage and deliver an overview of specific KPIs and other metrics such as liquidity.
  • See business activity over time and produce comparisons between budgets, forecasts and previous years.
  • Target business areas to identify growth, whilst offering general peripheral vision across the whole organisation.

Scalable Technology For Immediate Business Solutions

  • The Aquila framework is a comprehensive BI (Business Information) application base only requiring configuring and customising instead of actual building. It removes the need to employ desktop/end-user- built applications and delivers immediate business solutions.
  • Built in common Microsoft technologies.
  • Executive reporting outputs such as dashboards, reports and report packs are primarily user configured without IT.
  • Aquila has the flexibility and scalability to grow and change with your business.
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