Be a part of a tightly knit business in which you can make an impact and have an influence

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Be a part of a tightly knit business in which you can make an impact and have an influence. One in which you can personally develop within a highly skilled environment, whilst enjoying the rewards of the growth and expansion of the company. As part of an innovative company, your well being and performance are paramount to us.

We are looking for experienced, intelligent individuals who are ready to thrive on delivering industry-leading solutions. We have a pragmatic ‘can do’ culture, and look for our consultants to be highly responsive to our clients and our markets. Working with some of the latest mainstream technologies you will have an opportunity to expand your practical skill set. Within the company, we have a large focus on skills transfer, particularly with respect to business knowledge.

how we work?

As well as our development teams in our Wood Street offices, an important part of forming project partnerships with our clients is being on site at our client’s premises.

The majority of the projects that we work on will involve a number of our consultants at some stage during the engagement. We believe that the key to our success to date has been through our commitment to teamwork, communication and sharing key skills. Encouraging innovation and applying best practice have always underpinned our marked and steady growth as a company.


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