4FRONT provides complete end-to-end solutions

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

4FRONT provides complete end-to-end solutions looking after your data from source through to presentation to your users. For over a decade we’ve been using Microsoft’s SQL Server platform as the backbone of our products and have experience in using the original versions through to the latest in memory solutions. For projects that warrant Big Data solutions we are able to use SQL Server Native or SSAS. On top of this we layer our expertise in data extraction, transformation and loading. Our data warehouse technology then standardizes your information to provide a reliable ‘golden source’ of data to drive your business processes.4FRONT understand the importance of making this data available quickly, efficiently and maximizing its ability to derive value for your business.Business Intelligence is provided through our unique framework, based on the SQL Server Analysis Service. You will find that the intuitive and interactive user interfaces reduce the time and effort your teams need to make an impact.

scalable solutions to support your usersOur solutions can be scaled to support hundreds of users loading, reporting and adjusting data simultaneously.

4FRONT technology designed and refined for maximum benefit

We provide considerable cost savings to clients by combining high-performance technology with our unique knowledge of what really works best in a financial control environment. By putting techniques and technologies through multiple iterations products are refined to ensure maximum stability and ease of use. With an emphasis on Microsoft technologies to provide a reliable core to each system, 4FRONT can then focus their expertise on targeting your requirements.

4FRONT solutions provide you with the following technical benefits:

Intranet based technologies for powerful performance

The quickest and most powerful way to get functionality through to your finance operation is by using your corporate intranet. 4FRONT solutions use your existing information delivery infrastructure to present functionality through comprehensive web-based user interfaces. This provides a high quality user experience and eliminates the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of desktop software.

Flexible and reactive systems to target changing business needs

Solutions are modular and layered so that your system can grow and be modified with minimal impact. This is achieved through technologies such as web services and component based development.

“Configured not coded” for fast results at a reduced cost.

New installations are implemented through configuration changes and property definition to avoid expensive re-programming wherever possible. This speeds up implementation time, reduces development costs and lowers total cost of ownership.

Fast time to market

    • Our solutions are fully integrated, eliminating compatibility issues.
    • The Microsoft Stack delivers the core platform
    • The 4FRONT stack provides core finance functionality
    • The Meta driven framework reduces bespoke programming.

Easy To Support

  • This is a tried and tested platform, requiring a Microsoft skill set that is easily available.
  • The Meta driven finance framework needs a non- programming skill set.
  • An easy to use interface and support UI
  • A high level of logging and reporting
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