MART- management accounts reporting tool

take rapid control of management reporting.

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Reporting and especially management reporting is essential to any organisation, but is often produced using an array of spreadsheets. These End User Applications (EUA) carry risk, are labor intensive and difficult to manage when organizational structures change.

Take control of spreadsheets

MART is a management accounts reporting tool built within the Managed Tactical Application, and is designed to replace spreadsheets and uncontrolled processes.


  • An intuitive and simple user interface makes management reporting efficient and accessible.
  • MART has the capability to produce user defined batch packs of reports. User definitions are then stored as metadata, assuring complete transparency.
  • Users are able to produce reports with multiple dimensions and hierarchies.
  • Reports are easily exported to excel, which can then be transformed to PDF for tablets.
  • Automated data loading reduces operational risk and improves operational control.
  • Intelligent rules engine to improve the source data.
  • Implementation of business rules configurable to your risk and compliance business needs.
  • MART offers a controlled environment with multi user security, auditing and event logging, assuring that data on which you are basing critical decisions is traceable, auditable and intelligible.


The primary focus of MART is management accounts but it is capable of diverse tasks, for example:

  • Head counts
  • Revenue reports
  • Risk statistics
  • Defining key performance indicators and financial ratios


  • MART is inexpensive to implement, support and run.
  • Automated data gathering and cleaning significantly reduces operational risk.
  • It can run on your existing technology stack and does not require dedicated hardware or servers, and minimal licensing. Guaranteeing cost savings and an accelerated time to market.
  • MART is user managed, putting the users in control of their own tools.
  • It is scalable and can accommodate multiple users.
  • MART applies consistency to your reporting by standardizing its output. Every report produced will have the same professional look and feel.
  • Responsive to change. Updates are inherited throughout the system.
  • The process is audited. MART keeps event logs of everything done in the system.
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