Aquila product control/ p&l reporting

aquila banking product control is a modular, financial intelligence, control and p&l reporting framework that standardises, consolidates and secures data.

Aquila Financial Intelligence, Banking Product Control and P&L Reporting

Aquila Banking Product Control is a modular, financial intelligence, control and P&L reporting framework that standardises, consolidates and secures data.

Designed to perform within the rigorous and regulatory systems of the financial sector and global finance applications, Aquila Banking Product Control has a modern web-based interface, with the simplicity of a domestic tablet computer, but with the powerful underlying capability to manage complex business functionality.

Scalable, Low Cost Technology

  • A complete, scalable solution that can be configured for a handful of users through to an enterprise-wide global installation with “big data”.
  • Aquila monitors the performance of its usage, and provides the tools to facilitate off-shoring of a function as needed.
  • Built in common Microsoft technologies, it provides a low cost framework, where new functionality can be rapidly installed and is relatively inexpensive to implement.

Speed, Simplicity, Saving Costs

  • Features such as dashboards, reports and report packs are primarily user configured, and do not require IT involvement.
  • Accelerate the speed of P&L reporting production, in a transparent and a secure manner.
  • Standardises, consolidates and secures data to provide a single view of financial performance across an organisation.
  • Automating the compilation of data, along with distribution, means that less resource is required to create more effective reporting, bridging the gap created by staff reductions.
  • Provide all levels of users direct access to reports, in an interactive experience where they can drill down and through their data.

Typical Aquila P&L Reporting Functions

  • P&L Reporting
  • P&L Explain
  • Reconciliation Manager
  • Adjustment Manager
  • Ledger Interaction
  • Reserves/ Provisions
  • Funding
  • Valuation
  • Dashboards
  • Interactive reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Locking
  • Commentary
  • KPIs
  • Intraday loading
  • Audited workflow
  • Interactive Excel style grid
  • Multiple hierarchies
  • Filter builder
  • Global ‘Google’ style search
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Front office reporting and signoff
  • Comprehensive security
  • Interactive Excel style grids
  • Hierarchy/static maintenance

Unique Aquila P&L Reporting

  • P&L explain adjustments
  • Calculated adjustments
  • Reversing and repeating adjustments
  • Batch Excel uploads
  • Limit set adjustment signoff(4-eyes)
  • Aging adjustment monitoring and escalation
  • Integration with ledger adjustments
  • Complete adjustment audit trail
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